11 November 2015

Altium 全新升级PCB设计生产效率及自动化功能,在更短时间内准确完成复杂的PCB设计

9 June 2015

Altium近日宣布发布企业PCB设计数据管理解决方案——Altium Vault数据保险库的重要更新. 此次更新包括了元器件管理、数据管理、项目协同以及基础架构管理在内的众多全新功能。

21 May 2015

Altium有限公司针对Altium Designer发布全新插件,提供一体化设计数据,为Altium Design的电子设计团队和SOLIWORKS的机械设计团队提供设计修订的托管动态环境。


5 May 2015


28 January 2015

New Technology from Valydate Integrates with Altium Designer to Minimize Hours Invested in Manual Validation of Schematics

17 December 2014

Providing product enhancements and updates to current and previous versions allows for great predictability and flexibility for customers

21 October 2014

Partnership Provides a Multi-Discipline Approach for Unified MCAD-ECAD Product Development of Sophisticated Mechatronic Systems

24 July 2014

Altium finishes first in “Top 10 Companies with Strongest Sustainable Development Capability”

17 April 2014

Participation in AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture (AUTOSAR) Alliance will drive open-standard product development

26 February 2014

PCB designers benefit from extensive performance improvements