Austriamicrosystems (AMS) 选择 Altium Designer 作为其研发和生产高性能模拟半导体及传感器解决方案的设计工具。


With over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing advanced analog sensor solutions, AMS relies heavily on a unified electronics design approach for the success of their development process. As their customer base begins to feel the pressure of delivering more complex products in a shorter time frame, they are increasingly looking to AMS to deliver component reference designs, application samples, and sensor technologies that work right the first time.

Unfortunately, this ‘right the first time’ approach was not being met by AMS previously. Errors in the development process began to trickle down to their customer base, creating an urgency for AMS to analyze their current design solution to see where the bottleneck resided. As it turned out, AMS was using multiple sets of software for their electronics design solution. Trying to tie these systems together was no easy feat, with problems including:

  • Data conversion issues. Files that were being exported from one set of software to another were commonly found to not be compatible, resulting in delayed development cycles and dissatisfied customers waiting for orders.


  • Corrupted databases. Corrupted files and databases were being delivered to PCB manufacturers, leading to costly delays that took weeks to discover and fix.


As time drew on, and issues began to mount for AMS, it became clear that a unified design solution was needed that integrated their entire workflow under one common thread. 


AMS decided to migrate to Altium Designer for all of their in-house PCB design, allow them to unify their electronics design workflow and streamline their entire development and manufacturing process. AMS chose Altium Designer for its feature-rich and intuitive approach to electronics design which provided various benefits including:

  • A unified design process. Altium Designer provided AMS with a tool that integrated the schematic design and PCB layout processes into one seamless workflow, allowing AMS to create PCB designs faster and more efficiently.


  • Intelligent project hierarchy tools. Project hierarchies now became easy to manage, and engineers were able to easily link between block diagrams and project hierarchies.


  • Native 3D PCB. Visualizing board layouts in 3D allowed AMS to optimize the placement of discrete components on their PCBs, keeping form factors as compact as possible and up-to-date with the latest industry-standard trends. 


Overall, Altium Designer provided numerous workflow and productivity enhancements that would have not been possible with AMS’s existing multi-tool approach. Corrupted databases and conversion difficulties were completely eliminated now that engineers did not have to import or export files between software. AMS now enjoys a more reliable, accurate, and easy-to-use design process. 


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