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The All New
Altium Vault

  • Easy to Install

  • Simple to Use

  • Effortless to Maintain

You're Not Alone

As a designer you've spent years perfecting your craft. Your inventive personality lends itself to the creation of the next new thing, but more often than not most of your day is focused on:

Creating, managing, and looking for components

Correcting mistakes based on bad parts or unverified design content

Managing design revisions using zip files and spreadsheets

Generating relevant documentation that matches the right version of the design

The reality is you're like millions of other engineers still doing what's broken rather than what's better. What if you could introduce automation for many of these tasks without changing the way you work?
If you think you know Altium Vault it's time to take a fresh look.

Managing Design Data Doesn’t Mean You Have to Change...

Trust in your design data

Release with confidence

Your designs are only as good as the components that go into them. Trust in your design data and release with confidence using management solutions that aid your creative design process rather than hinder it.

Your Creative Process Takes Priority

Seven years of feedback

Control design data

Countless hours of development and feedback from individual engineers has led to a product made for you. Altium Vault prioritizes the creative process with innovative technology to give you more control over your design data.

Enhance Your Existing Workflow

Find the right part

Apply the models

Make corrections

Release design content

Altium Vault builds upon your existing workflow with advanced technologies to streamline your entire design process. Easily find the right part, apply the models to your design, make corrections if bad parts are used, and release verified design content and documentation with a single click of the mouse.

Find What You Need
When You Need It

Easily find the part you need

You’ll never have to respin another design due to obsolete or hard-to-find components again. Find the exact part you need with real-time availability and pricing information while staying up-to-date on component lifecycles directly within your design interface.

Applying Part Information




Avoid the headache of tracking down parts and
capturing design requirements

Altium Vault provides a system for quickly creating, importing and reusing design content to be placed directly into your new designs with trust and confidence.


Verified design data

Trusted design content

Rest assured that your designs have been built with your own verified design data. Release with confidence in knowing that all design content is trusted and error-free.


Quickly identify and correct errors

Easily locate and replace parts

Quickly identify and correct errors in your designs. Altium Vault ensures that no error ever goes undetected. If an obsolete or errant part exists, it’s easy to locate and replace across all library and design instances.


Secure connection

Effortlessly maintain a secure connection to all your design data without having to manage complex password requirements. Use your Windows session to log in and remain seamlessly and securely connected to Altium Vault.

Design with Trust
Release with Confidence

It’s no different than what you do today, but intended to enhance your design workflow with data you can trust directly in your design environment.